Thursday, 26 April 2012

Come To The 'Spark' Side.

In a couple of months 'Spark Productions' will have been going for one year.
It's mad to think that,but what a year it has been.Two show's,a lot of phone calls,a lot of late nights and diet coke by the barrel full.

From 'Tully's' to the 'Boathouse' it's been an amazing few months, and as we make plans for the coming months and for the coming year, the 'Sparks' are on the lookout.

We are on the look out for people aged 15 and up to join the 'Spark Production's' team.
We are looking for people who are talented,enthusiastic,can work as part of a team and who are up for a lot of banter.If you think your this type of person,then you may just have a place here with us.

We are looking for people interested in all aspect's of theatre form the crew up to the cast.
We want writer's,actors,director's,light and sound producer's and people who would just like to lend a hand during our production's.

How do you get involved?Simple all you have to do is email us here at, with some details about yourself,who you are and such and what part your interested in!It's that simple,we would also appreciate a c/v and a headshot if available,but other than that,just email us!

If you feel you have what it takes,then send us an email and who know's you could be joining the 'Spark Production's' team in the coming months.
Best of Luck!

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