Monday, 22 October 2012

Spark Productions Are 'BrownBread',

It was in the early hours of Friday the 19th that we announced our new show.
A comedy by Roddy Doyle called 'Brownbread'.
For the past few weeks we have been quietly working away like little elves on this production and we are delighted that it has been finally announced.

But what is 'Brownbread'? 
Other than a nutritional food, it is also Dublin Slang meaning Screwed.

As usual we are not going to say much. But we will say a few things. 
This production sees Spark Productions being shaken up a bit. With previous 'Sparks' who have worked on our past two show's gone in to there last year of college, there is a whole new ensemble team for this show.

We are delighted to have a new director on board. Someone that we have wanted to work with for a long time. But we will save her for another blog.

'Brownbread' was read around the time 'BitterSweet Graffiti' was coming to it's end and we knew instantly it was to be our next show.

Having sold out two show's with an unknown writer we are now keen to see what a writer with name value can do for us.

We are also delighted to say with all our hearts that this is no f****** love story.
With this one we are packing heat and we mean business.

Like the Van,The Commitments and the Snapper, 'Brownbread' is set in the fictional 'Barrytown' in Dublin. And we are delighted to have arrived there.

We also have a few surprises casting wise that you won't have expected but like the director we will save that for another blog.

We are fiercely excited about this production and we can promise you, you won't regret coming to this show.

But For now we will leave you with our teaser poster.

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