Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Director Who's Making 'Brownbread'.

With rehearsals in full swing and we are now just about six weeks off from 'Brownbread' hitting the stage it's about time we talked about who is directing 'Brownbread'.

When it comes to directing a show,especially something as big as this, which we can say, will be our biggest production to date, we needed someone who would really grab the bull by the horns and hold nothing back...and by god we have that person.

Ladies and Gentlemen allow us to introduce to you Miss Kelly-Ann Whelan. Look at her there, all dickie bowed up and having the crack.

Kelly-Ann is someone in particular we have wanted to work with for a long time,since we started really. And we are absolutely delighted to have her on board.

She hasn't been seen on stage since Duiske College did there famous variety show back in 2008 where she played Sister Theresa in the schools version of Sister Act...she was amazing.

Although she won't be on stage,we hope to change all that next year, but that's for another day.

When it comes to putting a production together, it's important for each individual not to take too much on, otherwise your production can falter. Bringing a show together, is a team effort, with each person's role playing a vital part. 

This is one of the most important lessons Spark Productions has learned over the year. Never be afraid to trust someone with a role, no matter how big or small. Learning this has proved successful for us, seeing that with a team effort and everyone working to their best ability will give better results and also help ease the stress of trying to make it a success. We can see already from this production how much easier it has been to bring the whole thing together without one person taken on too much, and everyone has stepped up to the plate.

Saying that it also needs a leader. And Kelly-Ann is just that person.

From November things are really going to heat up in the office and as we have said before we are holding no prisoners with this show. 

Monday, 22 October 2012

Spark Productions Are 'BrownBread',

It was in the early hours of Friday the 19th that we announced our new show.
A comedy by Roddy Doyle called 'Brownbread'.
For the past few weeks we have been quietly working away like little elves on this production and we are delighted that it has been finally announced.

But what is 'Brownbread'? 
Other than a nutritional food, it is also Dublin Slang meaning Screwed.

As usual we are not going to say much. But we will say a few things. 
This production sees Spark Productions being shaken up a bit. With previous 'Sparks' who have worked on our past two show's gone in to there last year of college, there is a whole new ensemble team for this show.

We are delighted to have a new director on board. Someone that we have wanted to work with for a long time. But we will save her for another blog.

'Brownbread' was read around the time 'BitterSweet Graffiti' was coming to it's end and we knew instantly it was to be our next show.

Having sold out two show's with an unknown writer we are now keen to see what a writer with name value can do for us.

We are also delighted to say with all our hearts that this is no f****** love story.
With this one we are packing heat and we mean business.

Like the Van,The Commitments and the Snapper, 'Brownbread' is set in the fictional 'Barrytown' in Dublin. And we are delighted to have arrived there.

We also have a few surprises casting wise that you won't have expected but like the director we will save that for another blog.

We are fiercely excited about this production and we can promise you, you won't regret coming to this show.

But For now we will leave you with our teaser poster.

Or On The Twitter at https://twitter.com/Sparkstheatre

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Home Away From Home.

It's been quite some time since we've posted anything on the old blog and it's about time we changed that. It's been quite the busy past few months for all the 'Sparks'.
Some went away travelling and some came back.Some went off and worked in other shows and some spent their time driving around in cars howling at people.
But work is set to kick back in.
With this latest blog we would like to announce that we finally have a home to call our own.

The Tigeen.
Look at her there a great bunch of stone.
The tigeen as it is known in Graiguenmanagh is now our new home. We were giving the keys to the city as it were during the week and we are delighted,also handy enough it is right beside Abbey Hall, where we staged 'Bittersweet Graffiti' in April.

The Tigeen before us was used as a rehearsal area for the great Graiguenamanagh Brass Band and now it belongs to us. Their was even a kettle and some mugs left for us when we arrived.
It's great to finally have a place to rehearse, have meetings and generally somewhere we can go without having to worry about intruding on someone else's property.
We would like to especially thank Derry Gahan who helped us with this and at the same time Alison Allan who have been solid supporters since we started last year.

As for Spark Productions itself, the company is really looking forward to getting back in to action and this space is going to be used a lot over the coming months, but we will have more news on that later.
For now all we can say is watch this space,we may just have a few surprises to come.