Friday, 24 May 2013

Here Comes The Sun.

All this good weather we are having this week is having us reminisce about our youth. T'was a simpler time, when kids could play wrestling on stacks of hay & cartoons where definitely a lot more craic.
And who could forget, Ray Darcy on the Den with Zig & Zag.

There he is now, having the craic, with herself.

Any who, one thing summer means is ice-cream. Ice cream in all shapes and sizes. Today we are going to show you some of our very own favorite ice creams.
We'll start off with a nice simple one.

Money wasn't as ramp-id in the 90's, as it was in Celtic tiger times. But back in the day for a whole tence pence you could get one of these bad boys. Hell for a fifty pence coin you could grab five of them and suck away to your hearts delight. Leaving you with a rainbow of colour around your lips.

Next up we have the classic loop de loop.

We haven't seen one of these in years. The cover used to have some mad lad on an airplane going loop de loop as it were. If you didn't feel like a Mr Freeze then 25p would have you sorted, you'd also get a little bit of chocolate.

That yeti sure did know how to enjoy his ice cream. The iceberger was a bit more upper class, but not as fancy as the magnum, so it still gave you street cred. The only thing about the iceberger was that if it was one of those really hot days & we mean really hot, you'd be licking the sides of it as soon as you opened the thing. Ice cream should be something you can just sit back and enjoy, not worry about get sticky hands.

Of course then there was this beast.

The Magnum was the king of ice creams. Priced somewhere between 1 pound and a mortgage , if you were eating one of these as a kid, you were loaded. Most often than not you would only get this on a very special day, such as your birthday or for being exceptionally good at Mass.

The true kind though surely has to be the classic 99.

It's popularity is undeniable, if ice cream was music it would be Michael Jackson.
There was nothing like a day at tramore and a few 99's with the flakes, to make you feel that you had succeeded in life.
The 99 is full proof that the classic is best

You may ask way all this talk of ice cream?

Well you will find that answer out, very soon.


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  1. you left out fat frogs !!! why does everyone always forgets about the glorious FAT FROGS !!!