Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Day we Did The Poster Shoot!

The day we did the poster shoot was a lot of fun.And their was a couple of Graiguenamanagh locals thinking to themselves 'what the fuck is happening here?'.

Above you can see Nicola Whitty doing her best playboy shoot impression.
Nicola Whitty plays 'Caoimhe' in 'BitterSweet Graffiti', 'Caoimhe' is not as seductive as this in 'BitterSweet Graffiti'.
Nicola Whitty made her stage debut with us as 'Drunk girl number 2' in 'One For The Road'
When not acting she spends her time going to college and serving up the finest rolls a man could ever eat.
She may also text you saying that 'She Love's you''s all lies.

Here we see Adrian Kavanagh and Nicola Whittly having the lols and the bants in good old fashion by the boathouse.
Adrian Kavangh was unsure whether they were doing 'L' for Love or 'L' for Loser.He went along with it anyway.

Aine Ryan pictured above looking all sweet and innocent...she's anything but...joke.She's lovely!
Aine Ryan play's 'Adoria in 'BitterSweet Graffiti' and instead of going to classes in college she now spends her time waiting in the library and sneaking up behind every Spanish student she finds,bringing them off and making them help her get her Spanish down to a tee.
You could say describe Aine Ryan in many ways...but one thing she sure committed.

What a smile!Matthew Murphy who appears as 'Kieran' in 'BitterSweet Graffiti' makes his debut with 'Spark Productions'.We consider him the 'Demba Ba' of theatre.
When not acting he likes to swim and impress the ladies with his rowing skills.
He also plays guitar with his ultimate party band 'Shift the couch'.
He also went to America once and met a lovely cheerleader,they shifted once and haven't skyped since.Long distance never works out.

To finish this blog off, here we have 'The Girl In The Yellow Aran Jumper' played by Aine Maher.
Aine Maher is also making her debut with 'Spark Productions and appears to be loving it so far.
When not acting she can be found serving cocktails...she makes a mean cocktail.
She also likes to dance and sing in her car when nobody is watching.She can also do a great impression of Adrian Kavanagh.

There is a few more characters to unveil yet but we are saving that for another time.We fear the blog may explode due to an overwhelming amount of sexiness.

'BitterSweet Graffiti' runs in the Abbey Hall Graiguenamanagh Co.Kilkenny for four nights April 5th to 8th.

Opening night tickets are 5 euro.
Friday to Sunday tickets are 10 euro.
7 euro tickets available for Students,O.A.P's and social welfare recipients.

Ticket Bookings on 087-9439979.

'BitterSweet Graffiti' is Written and Directed by Adrian Kavanagh.

Produced by Julie Ralph and Una Dalton.

All Photography by David Ryan.

Or for more details on 'BitterSweet Graffiti':

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