Saturday, 3 March 2012

Kieran, Adoria and Rob.

Well this is it. The first of our main posters for 'BitterSweet Graffiti'.
As you can tell David Ryan has done a top notch job designing our posters and he has a few tricks left his sleeve.
The poster itself was shot on location at the actual boathouse.
It was a cold day and Aine Ryan felt it but being the professional she is,she took it in her stride.

But Allow us to introduce the characters.

From left to right.

Kieran, The enviromental loving, babhran playing hopelessly in love with Adoria played by Matthew Murphy.

Adoria, The sweet Spanish girl trying to learn English and at the same time trying to figure out what a debs is played by Aine Ryan.

Rob, an obnoxious tough guy who believes he know's how to keep the ladies sweet played by Shane Pearson.

Apart from Aine Ryan who last appeared in 'One For The Road', Shane and Matthew make their stage debut with Spark Productions.

'BitterSweet Graffiti' runs in the Abbey Hall Graiguenamanagh Co.Kilkenny from April 5th to April 8th.

Tickets have now gone on sale and can be booked by phoning 087-9439979.

Opening night tickets are 5 euro. Friday to Sunday tickets are 10 euro but 7 euro tickets can be availed of if you are an O.A.P, student or have a social welfare card.

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