Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Graffiti Hall..

We are now just at the halfway point for rehearsals and the show is really starting to come together.
It's been some long hours, but the cast and crew have been putting in a top notch effort,just so they can entertain everyone and hopefully get some shifts.

'One For The Road' which appeared in The Duiske Inn last August found us rehearsing and putting a show in somewhere that could feel quite intimate.We also really enjoyed the fact that the show itself was set in a bar so when we asked ourselves where we could do it?Where better than a bar itself.

This time around, everything has changed and we say everything has changed we mean everything!
Last time found us performing a show, literally right in front of  people. This time we are getting used to having a stage and a larger area to work with.

At this point you may have guessed that the show will be performed in The Hall in Graiguenamanagh, and we love it. I believe we will be the first show in there to reopen this building full of stories about discos, drink, dances, boyzone and Ray Darcy.

Having a stage really does but us in a whole new scenario, and the cast have realized this. Although we have a large area to work with, we still plan on creating a very intimate show. Like our last show which seated approximately seventy people a night, we are going to be doing the same with this one.

There's only at most five weeks to opening so we will be hitting the ground running from March on-wards. Tickets are set to go on sale soon...very soon. And their may be some deals on those bad boys if you catch them early.

'BitterSweet Graffiti' comes to the Hall in Graiguenamanagh April 5,6,7 and 8.
Written and Directed By Adrian Kavanagh.
Produced by Julie Ralph and Una Dalton.
All Photography by David Ryan.
'BitterSweet Graffiti' comes to Graiguenamanagh for a limited run with limited seating.

Also on the twitter @sparkstheater.

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