Friday, 17 February 2012

The boy meets the girl in the yellow aran jumper.

So this is a....

Yea,that's it...this is a story.A story of.....

Exactly..this is a story of boy meets girl. So let's begin with the boy....

There he is. This boy spent his days working in the Second hand book shop in Graiguenamanagh.

This book shop was not an overly busy book shop. So the boy spent his days reading the books and listening to music.

Then one sunny day in May. A Saturday to be precise. The shop wasn't busy so the boy continued reading his book that he was reading at the time and in the background he listened to some music by Prince.

While Prince played in the background,the boy in question had not noticed anyone walk in to the shop. The boy though felt as someone was there so he looked up. And there she was, the most.....

That's the word...beautiful,girl he had ever seen.The boy didn't know who she was. He asked himself the question....

 She couldn't have been from Graiguenamanagh as he had lived there his whole life. He also, on the many nights he had been out after a hard day of selling books, never saw her in any of the pubs such as The Globe or O'Sheas. All he had to go by was what she was wearing.

The girl....wore this yellow aran jumper. And the boy was astonished. This girl was everything he had ever wanted in a girl. Since he was old enough to decide what he wanted in a girl. He thought to himself...'This is what prince meant when he sang..'Your the reason that god made a girl'...She had to be the reason.
The girl in this yellow aran jumper then made her way over to him and said hello,but the boy was....

Yep he was speechless. So he quickly asked if he could help her with anything. The girl then asked for a book,but not just any old book.She asked for 'Great Expectations' by Charles Dickens.

The boy quickly found the book, the girl bought it and left. She left him with the exact same thing as Charles Dickens had named his famous book.
The boy was in love.

He thought to himself that him and this girl could someday be together.

And he would be happy. They would go places together.The cinema, the theatre and the zoo...the boy fecking loved penquins. She was everything he could want in a girl. So he spent his time.....

Hoping someday she would come back and he would finally get her name and ask her out. And maybe she would say yes to the boy.And after some time he would put their names together on the wall by the boathouse.

And there their names would stay forever.But....

The girl never came back. So the boy never got her name or where she was from and he definitely never got to ask her out. But he continued to wait,hoping some day he would see her again. 

'BitterSweet Graffiti' a comedy about having no regrets comes to Graiguenamanagh on April 5,6,7 and 8th. 
Written and Directed By Adrian Kavanagh and Produced by Julie Ralph.
Follow us on facebook at 'Spark Productions' or on the twitter at #sparkstheatre.
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