Thursday, 23 February 2012

August and Everything After.

We are nearing the end of February and at the same time we are reaching the halfway point for rehearsals. And as I can't say much about that end of things, I can say that I am happy.The cast are putting in a top notch job developing their characters and are working hard. Coming to rehearsals in between college,work and telling their other halves they can't get the shift tonight because they have to rehearse.
But we can now at his point tell you a little bit more about the show. Firstly it's set over the month of August by the boathouse. A place where many drinks have been consumed and shifts had. Many a man from Graiguenamanagh could tell you stories of romantic first kisses by this wall looking out to the river.
They could also probably tell you a few stories about drunken nights where a few of the auld extra safe, pictured above would have come in handy.
I suppose for any post leaving cert,the toughest month for them would have to be August. The C.A.O results are approaching, they could possibly be saying goodbye to their friends as they head off on their separate ways and at the same time they are all getting excited for the biggest night of the year...the debs.
The debs in Graig has become legendary with drama, fights, sex in toilets and such, but they are no doubt a great night.

The debs is also the night where a lot of couples plan on it being their first time, but your probably better off not planning anything at all, after all it may not go the way you want. It more than likely won't.
At the same time this August there is a ceili planned for some lovely Spanish girls that have arrived in Graiguenamanagh and some of the characters have literally falling over by the sight of the them.
And that's all we have to tell you for now.

'BitterSweet Graffiti' comes to Graiguenamanagh April 5,6,7 and 8th and there will be limited seating.
Written and Directed by Adrian Kavanagh. 
Produced by Julie Ralph and Una Dalton.

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This show contains strong language.

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