Sunday, 5 February 2012

Presenting.... 'BitterSweet Graffiti'

New year,new blog,new show!This week saw the beginning of the rehearsals for 'Spark Productions' upcoming show 'BitterSweet Graffiti'.And we have been having a lot of fun...a fucking load.

The only question now is how much we can tell you about it,and the answer is very simple...fuck all really.And there has been questions, the main one being 'What the fuck is with the name?' and the only answer I can give to that is,'your just going to have to wait and see'.
But there is a couple of things I can tell you,firstly 'Bittersweet Graffiti' is 'A comedy that show's Graffiti is more than writing on a wall'
The Second thing is like our last show you can expect a lot of 'fucks,bollox and gobshite' and other fun words we like to use.
But the biggest news I can tell you is where the show is set. And it's right here in our own home of Graiguenamanagh. Don't panic none of the characters are based on anyone.......
                        'BitterSweet Graffiti' is set at the lovely boathouse,by the stone wall to be precise.

Some of you,when you look at this lovely picture above,can be quite nostalgic of fun times here.Drinking can's,summer's which were like those in Spain and made girls from all over come here in bikini's and there's probably one or two memories after a night out or two which we probably wouldn't be allowed discuss on this.
This wall probably has loads of stories to tell and definitely some brilliant gossip, if it could talk(It better fucking not). So this is where our story will take place.
That's all you need to know right now,and all we want you to know.
'BitterSweet Graffiti' come's to Graiguenamanagh in April, but Graig might not be the only place you will get to see this show.
'BitterSweet Graffiti' is Written and Directed by Adrian Dawson and Produced By Julie Ralph.

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