Saturday, 24 November 2012

Back To The Abbey Hall.

We'll be honest,it's been an absolutely hectic week for Spark Productions. We're less than three weeks to hitting the stage and Brownbread is really starting to warm up...Cheers to for that one and that lovely piece on the upcoming production.
Today is the first day that we hit the stage to rehearse the show. It's going to be long and tedious but it has to be done to get the show the way we want it.
It's no lie when we say that this will be our biggest production yet and we want to make to most of it. When you have a name like Roddy Doyle on the poster we don't want to throw out any ole performance, with this we really want to impress and we must say that since our last show...Bittersweet Graffiti, we have learned a lot.

We want to improve upon where we felt we slipped up on with Bittersweet Graffiti. Details such as lighting & sound, and we can unsure you, we got our hands on a rig of lights during the week with enough power that it will make Las Vegas look like a joke.
When dealing with a production as big as this it can be very easy to slip under the weight of it all, but it's nice to be able to say we have it all in order, but the next two weeks will be full on.
A wise man once told us that directing is 90% casting and from this show we have really learned what that means.
The cast have been amazing,hard-working, dedicated and completely professional. The same can also be said for the crew. 
About three months of work has gone in to this show, from the rehearsal stage of production and when your unable to pay people and your asking to take up there free time it can be hard, but you still need enthusiasm and a hard work ethic and by god these lads have by the barrel full.
As we said it's now time to make our way back to the Abbey Hall, but this time we're ready.

Brownbread by Roddy Doyle runs in the Abbey Hall December 12th to 15th.

Tickets 7 euro. Ticket Bookings. 087-9439979.

Doors, 7:30. Show, 8:00.

Note: Strong Language Used Throughout.

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