Thursday, 8 November 2012

What Is 'Brownbread'?

We are now six weeks off to the show opening in the Abbey Hall stage,December 12th to 15th and with that we decided we should talk a little about our cast and what the show is all about.

'Brownbread' was first produced by Passion Machine Theatre Company in 1987, featuring Brendan Gleeson.

The play is set in Barrytown in the upstairs bedroom of a corporation house. Three unemployed young fella's Ao, Donkey and Johnner have been off playing golf in their local field. While playing golf the ball gets lost and the boys stumble across a gun...and this is when the wildness begins.

With no Derek & Thelma or Block busters on the telly, the boys decide the best thing to do with the gun is kidnap a bishop and keep him hostage, the business wha?

With the bishop held hostage this is the best idea the boys have ever had but they may just be in more trouble than they realize. With the guards, the army and Mr.Farrell arriving to get the boys and the bishop out of the house in one piece and most importantly alive. it said's in the script 'getting themselves in to some serious shit'.

The boys ain't going down without a fight though and don't intend to give the bishop up that easy.

The boys are packing heat and they mean business, this is one day Barrytown is never going to forget.

Starring James Kilbride, Thomas Drennan, Adrian Kavanagh, David Behan, Mark Bolger, Jim Kielty, Jackie Douglas, Edel Bolger, Eoin MacNamara & Paul Hickey as the Bishop.

'Brownbread' is Directed by Kelly-Ann Whelan.

Running December 12th to 15th in The Abbey Hall Graiguenamanagh Co.Kilkenny.

Tickets 7 Euro. Ticket Bookings 087-9439979

Doors 7:30 Show 8:00

Warning: Strong Language Used Throughout.

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